Friday, June 6, 2014

Uncanny's Absence

Hello friends.

These past few weeks Uncanny has been unable to make it to the Keller Farmer's Market not because we're fighting crime in underprivileged lands, nor because we're using our mind-powers to fend off a ginormous tidal wave from infecting an unlevied town with certain watery doom.

The reality of the matter is that we threw everything we had into starting this little ramshackle neighborhood coffee brewin' business, and ended up coming just a few beans short.  I had to quit one of my two day jobs in order to focus on Uncanny at the market, but complications refuted me from gaining the extra hours I needed to fuel both my personal finances and the business as it is, in it's infancy.

Such is the nature of entrepreneurship.  It's a hiccup, it was anticipated, but it will be overcome.  Uncanny will return as soon as the sole proprietor is stable again.

I wanted to give a somewhat official state-of-the-union, and also to log a formal thank you to all of the supporters, well-wishers, coffee aficionados with whom we've had the pleasure of conversating, "Big Bucks" converters, fans and high-fivers, and all of those that have taken the chance to support local, whether or not you enjoyed the product.  Your feedback is legendary, and your support helps me hold this business on my shoulders.  Thank you.  Truly.  It means the world.

We'll keep you updated, and can't wait to return to the market soon.